8 months old baby

Question: i m 8 month old baby mother on 2nd feb i had i unprotected sex and my periods date is 10th.. but i always get my periods 5 days b4. but this time i not get yet... thr is any chance of pregnancy...

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Answer: Yes, there is a possibility for pregnancy....plz check for your confirmation
Answer: u can take a pregnancy test
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Question: I had unprotected sex on 7th nov .is there any chance for pregnancy? ?
Answer: Dear it depends on ur periods cycle and ur ovulation date. You ovulate 14 days before ur next period date so if ur periods are due on 28th of the month your ovulation would take place on 15th and the fertile window will be 13th to 15th which would give yoy best results. Hope it helps.
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Question: Over with my periods yesterday. .had unprotected sex today. .chance to get pregnant. .?
Answer: I think you will enjoy unprotected sex after 5days of periods u will not get pregnant.after 5th days u have to use protection to not get pregnant
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Question: I had unprotected sex on 7th day is there any chance of pregnancy
Answer: Hello! Chances are very less. Though the sperm stays for 6 days in the body but fertilisation of the egg is necessary to conceive. Just wait and see if you have conceived or not. Take care
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