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Question: I'm married since one year n I've been having a very regular 28 last cycle was may 28 n we tried on 11,14th june my due date was 24th june but for the first time my period was late for 16 days i did hpt n blood work done but they were negative...i started bleeding yesterday.. Please help..

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Answer: Same happened with me I was 16 days late n started bleeding yesterday.... I'll pray for u #baby #dust
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Question: My period cycle is regular i.e of 27-28 days. I missed my period this month & it's been 4-5days late but still my pregnancy test is negative. Is there any complication?
Answer: Wait for total of 7 days...means 2 more days...then check
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Question: My lmp was 18 sep..periods are very regular with 28 days cycle..periods were due on 16 oct but arrived 3 days early and lasted for only 2 days instead of 5..whats happening?
Answer: Hi dear, a lighter period, spotting are all early pregnancy relax and wait till you complete 40 days, and then check with a home pregnancy test.
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Question: I am late by 16 days and never been late before .this month my husband and i have not tried .my periods are generally regular between 26-29 days cycle but this time it is late by 16 doctor prescribed meprate 10 mg twice for 3 days and this dose is over 4 days before and still no periods.please suggest
Answer: Hi.. Dear it is better to take a pregnancy test at home, if the result is positive, seek an appointment for a good gynaecologist. She will be able to guide you after doing your check up. If the result is negative, then also there is no harm in meeting the gynaecologist, since you are planning for pregnancy.
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