35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m in 34 weeks.. ve dne liver test whre alkaline phosphatase shows 222.79 n GGT shows 47.4.. is it nrmal..!! wnna noe hw to cure it

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Answer: It is normal. as the Alp levels increase in pregnancy up to 4 times. To detect if it will contribute to any anomaly, platelate count is also considered. It's better to consult your gynae as she will help you read out the complete report and its relativeness to your USG. Hope it helps! Take care
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Answer: madam,mera ek site bahut dard reheta he.khana v thik se kha nehi sakta hu.
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    My wife 34.5 week today Wait water dishrag

Answer: Some times I fell stomach pain
Answer: So please take care
Answer: ok
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Question: Hi my liver function test LFT os not good and alkaline phosphatase is 362 .i am 36 weeks 5 days pregnant
Answer: Don't worry. Already u completed 37 weeks na. So no problem. If it necessary doctors will go to c section. After the delivery it will b ok. Be brave. All the best. If u like my answer pls give lik
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Question: M 37 weeks,today My alkaline phosphatase test comes 218 u/l.is it normal or not?
Answer: Below 229 is normal. But consult your gynae as you are borderline. Ask about chances of neonatal jaundice.
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Question: In my liver function test report, serum alkaline phosphatase value increasing continuously. It is 277 now. What should i do to reduce it. TIA
Answer: Elevated alkaline phosphatase levels of two to four times normal late in pregnancy are not a reason for concern. Serum alkaline phosphatase activity levels increase in late pregnancy, mainly during the third trimester. It will come back to normal range once you get your baby delivered
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