25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii i m in 25 weeks n my weight is 50.4kg now and in starting 48.9 tha 2 kg hi increase Hua h its normal

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Answer: Hi! Generally, 0-2 kgs can be gained in the first trimester and then 1-2 kg per month during pregnancy. So by now 3-8 kg is normal. But I you had vomiting and/or loose motions in first three months then weight gain can be impacted, don’t worry it is fine as you will gain more later.
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Question: hi. mera weight pregnancy se phle 50.4kg tha .lekin ab mera weight 45.2 kg h. is it ok or normal in pregnancy
Answer: now you are in your 32 weeks dear . your weight is just 45.2 kg which is very less. you should eat healthy foods . Food groups which are rich sources of iron,folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids are very important for the development of baby's brain and Nervous system. They include-Avocado, broccoli, green beans, cabbage,spinach,fenugreek, carrots, yoghurt, cheese, dry fruits, peanut, butter, sunflower , pumpkin seeds,beans, breads, cereals, rice, strawberry, papaya, banana,dates. Have a lot of vitamin c rich food for complete absorption of iron. how come your weight is so less? are you not eating properly?
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Question: Hii i m in 23 weeks n my weight is 50.4kg it is normal plz reply..
Answer: Whether the weight gain is normal or not it can only be judge after knowing your pre pregnancy weight . So tell me what was your pre pregnancy weight ? And the total ideal weight gain should be 10-12 kgs throughout the pregnancy. Above all if the baby weight gain n growth is normal nothing to worry on.
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Question: My weight was 49 in starting n now its 53 in 6th mnth is it normal or i should gain more weight till now i m worried
Answer: Dear weight gain totally depends upon your body type. Some mom's gain weight quickly and some slowly.. so if your baby's weight and growth is fine then there is nothing to worry about and your weight gain is completely normal and fine..
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