35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm in 34 weeks 3 days. my amniotic fluid is 6.3. my baby weight is 2.1 kg. doc said both need to be increased. suggest some ideas to increase fluid and baby weight

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Answer: Take fluids like fresh coconut water and fresh juices.to increase baby weight include high protein in urine diet..like dals ,eggs,dairy products etc
Answer: Ask your doctor about "Argipreg" sachet. This will increase fluid as well as helps in baby growth.
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Question: At 35 weeks my baby weight is 2.1 kg but doctor said its less. Can anyone suggest tips to increase the baby weight in 2 weeks?
Answer: Hi maintain a well balanced diet include green leafy vegetables beetroot cereals pulses milk and milk products nuts peanut fruit beans legumes veggies rice oatmeal ragi whole grains roti Partha dry fruits other dairy products dates eggs which helps and also have plenty of fluids which helps baby in growth and development take care
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Question: Hi, I am 36 weeks now, my baby weight is 2.179. doctor said weight has not been increased from 34 week, weight remains same from 2.1. how to increase baby weight? Please suggest some points
Answer: You should eat five to six small meals during the day in order to increase your baby's weight. Dairy products, milk, ghee, cheese can be added into the diet. Eggs, chicken, soybean, oats should be intaken to gain weight. Snack on nuts and fruits and keep yourself hydrated
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Question: what should be the amniotic fluid level in 34 weeks? mine is 6.3
Answer: It's low dear it must be between 7 -12... What it doctor is saying
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