15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm in 14t week pregnancy. unable to poop in regular basis.

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Question: Im 13 in week pregnancy.. Unable to poop regularly on daily basis. Is anything wrong with me?
Answer: Hello dear, seems like you are suffering from constipation. It's common in pregnancy. You can follow some of these remedies. Drink lot of water. Prefer warm water to drink. Take foods rich in fibre. Take oats. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.
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Question: Is it necessary to feel baby movement on regular basis at 17 week pregnancy...??
Answer: If you have started to see the baby movements accurately, yes you have to feel them on daily basis. During this time you can even misunderstand between baby movement and other changes in the stomach too.
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Question: Suggest some good pregnancy bra. I'm unable to wear regular bras .
Answer: Hi dear you can check out an online store called zivame they have a very good collection of pregnancy lingerie you can also check triumph .. Hope this helps!
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