37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m in 37th week but still no milk is leaking.... is it fine?

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Answer: Don't worry dear as every pregnant women don’t get leaky breasts during pregnancy. But, even if you don’t have leaking colostrum, it’s still being generated in your breasts. If you’d like, you can try gently squeezing your areola to see if you can express a few drops.
Answer: Hi dear, I too never had any breast milk leakage in my pregnancy time.it is a myth to have breast milk leak to ensure good brestmilk supply post delivery.i HS a very good breastmilk supply,inspite of no leakage during pregnancy.
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Question: Hi i m in my 37th week of pregnancy. And yet no milk is being produced in my breast. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello... Dear each pregnancy is different, some may experience milk discharge in pregnancy, some after delivery both are normal, so don't get worried
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Question: I am now in 37th week of pregnancy and still no sign of labor..is it normal
Answer: Hello dear, after 37 weeks you can feel labour pain anytime. It could be start earlier and later your due date. Labour pain is a natural process. There is not a fix time to start, you can consider around your due date. Find ways to relax. Labour will not begin if you're tense, worried or trying hard to start labour. .. Go for a walk. If you are having contractions but are not yet in labour, walking can help get things going. ... Have sex. ... Take castor oil or evening primrose oil. ... Eat spicy food. ... Try nipple stimulation.
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Question: I'm in 37th week but still no any labour symptoms what can I do for free delivery
Answer: I do not worry you still have time you can get it will ever anytime if the baby's position is cephalic and the Placenta position is normal you will go into labour is very soon you should continue to take walks you should do pelvic exercises and squares and consultation with your doctor which will help you
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