17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m in my 16th week ,today i felt some vibration kind of feeling in my left abdomen ,,is this normal??

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Answer: Yes it is your baby movement ..
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Question: I m 11 weeks pregnant I m having some kind of pricking feeling on my left side lower abdomen frequently... Is this normal?
Answer: Hi Feeling dis is normal but pls consult your doctor and do the ultrasound if necessary.
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Question: i am in my 18th week..n i am getting vibration kind of feeling in my lower abdomen..is it normal?
Answer: It's your baby kicking & punching :) You'll feel like flutters/vibrations on your belly.
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Question: Since morning today I am feeling little vibration kind of feeling in the lower left side of the stomach . What does this mean ?
Answer: Hello dear. As your body is experiencing lots of changes inside physically as ur uterus is expanding and making space for the baby to grow. So this vubration feeling or even a cramp like u get in periods or just heavyness is considered normal. Hope it helps.
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