16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i m in my 16 th week of pregnancy, my belly is not growing,is that a cause of concern?

2 Answers
Answer: Hey sister ur baby is growing but it's not visible to u... U r just four months pregnant so possiblly ur baby bump will not show... Wait one or two months u can see ur baby bump
Answer: Hello's! It is little early. Some get baby bump at 5 th mobth and some at the beginning of 7 th month. There is nothing to be worried of.
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Question: My rubella IGg is 34.8 is that a cause of concern..m 32 week pregnant??
Answer: It's not at all a concern be happy..in past u have been exposed to rubella so u have antigens in ur body which can fight against rubella which is a good thing for your baby..many congratulations..
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Question: Hi. I am in my 4th month of my pregnancy week 16.. still my pregnancy belly is not growing. I am worried abt this.
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Baby bump starts showing from twenty to twenty two weeks normally. Don't worry. Take care
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Question: does more tummy in pregnancy is a cause of concern
Answer: hello dear dont worry.. its normal during pregnancy.. if your baby is well developing with good heart beat and good fetal weight then need not to worry.
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