32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm in my 8 month right now n have upper back ache on daily basis, why it happens n how to relive from it?

Answer: Hello dear Back pain during pregnancy is a common complaint, and it's no wonder. You're gaining weight, your center of gravity changes, and your hormones are relaxing the ligaments in the joints of your pelvis. To get relief try these remedies: 1. Take rest as much as possible as strenuous physical activities will aggravate your pain. 2. Have warm water baths as they help in relaxing strained muscles and muscle pains. 3. Use a hot water bag or a cold pack to alleviate the pain.
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    Megha Jaroli109 days ago

    Can i use some muscles relaxant spray for it.

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Answer: Back pain is very common during early pregnancy due to hormonal changes but you can try massage with pain killer gel and use hot water bag for back pain but if it is not relieving then you should consult your doctor as it can also be due to the urinary tract infection which is more common during early pregnancy
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Question: I am 2 month pregnant, while I walk my right lower abdomen n leg have little pain. Why it happens?
Answer: Congratulations for your pregnancy. the stretching of ligaments are responsible for abdominal pain. As the baby grows and demands more space, the uterus stretches itself pushing the other organs. Because of this, the stomach pain occur. Besides this constipation, large meals, or flatulence can also lead to abdominal pain. If pain is unbearable then consult with doctor. 
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Question: Is it safe to have white bread and butter in breakfast on a daily basis?
Answer: There is no harm in it but it's not a nutritious diet for a expecting lady. U should prefer a healthier diet.
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