35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m in my 9th month of pregnency...i m having severe backpain...i can't even bend down also...n also i m having sleepless nights.. should i consult my dr. or it is normal during this time??

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Answer: In my case I had the same back pain. Was not able sleep even coz of the pain needed help in changing sides as the pain was soo much. But doc said its normal in the final weeks. Few tips for relief in ur back pain:- Practice good posture. As your baby grows, your center of gravity shifts forward. ... Get the right gear. Wear low-heeled — not flat — shoes with good arch support. ... Lift properly. ... Sleep on your side. ... Try heat, cold or massage. ... Include physical activity in your daily routine. ... Use oitment for muscle pain relief.
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Answer: Even im 18weeks+4days preg Even i had cold fever n cough doc has suggested me calpol 500mg medicines at a time twice daily for 3days and citrizen twice daily for 3days
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Question: Im in 6th week now, having diarrhea and sleepless nights. Even im not getting sleep during day time. If i try to do so, im getting headache.
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