7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m in my 7th week of pregnancy , yesterday i had few brown drops in my urine which everyone says is normal but today suddenly had periods typ fresh bleeding and cramps. Spoke to my doctor she has given injection etamsylate and tablets for 5 days...i am very worried,does this mean miscarriage?

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Answer: Hi,relax it can be due to hormonal.imbalance but you need to be very careful you should take complete bed rest and keep monitoring your blood beta hcg level
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Question: Hi yesterday i had few drops of bleeding but it stopped again... is this normal in 6 weeks of pregnancy?
Answer: Hi Dear! No bleeding is normal in pregnancy however few women experience implantation bleeding when the fertilized egg gets attached to the wall ans it causes some pinkish spotting for maximum 1-2 days. But if you are 6 weeks along implantation bleeding chances are less because it happens after 10 days of ovulation while periods occur after 14 days, so if i get bleeding after 22-25 days its implantation bleeding. (please note the days vary and depends on cycle) In my opinion u should check it with your Dr. as soon as you can. Good luck!
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Question: I had bleeding in my 5th week and doctor advised to take progesterone tablets and to stop bleeding tablets have been given for 5 days after that no bleeding yesterday night i have back pain hope this is not harmful
Answer: Plz take bed rest. Always lay down on ur left side. Back pain is not harmful dear. Its normal during pregnancy. Avoid long time standing or sitting work. Avoid intercourse completely
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Question: yesterday night... I had vaginal bleeding and light spotting... what does it mean
Answer: Just contact to ur doctor at this time bleeding is not Gud.
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