26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm in 6th month now. now a days I feel more fetal movements that too very low ... almost jst above the vagina. can there be any risk of premature delivery? I'm very much scared

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Answer: it's normal dear. the movements can be anywhere around and it doesn't mean that you will have premature delivery .so don't be tensed stay relax
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Question: I feel baby movements frequently but on my abdomen that too very low.. is it a problem.. feeling panic..
Answer: hi dear the baby's movement is more on the abdomen there is nothing to worry it's because of the position of the baby the baby is right now in breech position so the moment will be there more on the abdomen there is nothing to fear or worry at all. as baby changes the position the moments will also changed from the abdomen to different parts of the stomach take care dear
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Question: Now im 29th week.. some times i feel more movements..it continues two days.. then nxt two days i feel very less movements..is there any problem?
Answer: This is normal a problem at all dear. When the baby is very active you will feel lot of movements but when the baby becomes less active you will feel less movements. This is very normal. The baby won't be active all the days
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Question: Hi I am 6th months pregnant. I feel baby movements much more in last few weeks.But for 2 days the movement is very less .Is there any prblm?
Answer: Dear theres nothing to worry. As the he baby's growth increases the moving space reduces and so the movement is less. Also the baby won't be active all the time. When the baby is in active movements will be less. You can check movements by calculating in one whole day in any one hour you need 5 movements. Then it's ok. Have food or sweets lie on the left side you will feel movements. Also. Drink warm water iamd lie on the left side you will feel movements.
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