14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm in 13week of pregnancy now I am feeling pain in lower abdomen. Is it normal??

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Answer: Getting abdominal pain is not a issue please don't worry when I was pregnant I also used to have this kind of pain
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    Anjali Borghare14 days ago

    Dear it's very normal nd happens due to stretching of uterus nd surrounding muscles to accommodate growing foetus. Sometimes u ll also feel needle like sharp pain

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Question: I am in 9 months pregnancy. I feel pain in my Lower abdomen. Is it normal?
Answer: Yes normal your baby head coming down that's why you got pain donot worry
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Question: I am 11 weeks pregnancy...now i am feeling lower back pain and frequent urination ....is it normal?
Answer: Yes Dear its normal. i understand ur situation i m facing same from last 6 weeks. I m not able to sleep not able to sit .my gyno suggest me 2 avoid wearing high heels give warm compress twice a day ,sleep on soft bed nd try to sleep on left sides ,avoid sleep on back .when I try it i get some relief u van try it also .when baby grow uterus also grow its puts pressure on urinary bladder that why urine comes again nd again .nothing to worry abht its common .
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Question: Hello I m in 18 week of pregnancy and feeling pain in lower abdomin while walking is it normal ?
Answer: Oh I.also have same abdominal pain my gyno said when baby grow uterus also grow its puts pressure on muscles thats why mild abdominal pain s normal she suggest me2 take rest , avoid carry heavy things, nd take plenty of liquids I try it nd gets done relief u can try it also u ll get relief . If u have unbearable abdominal pain then consult 2 ur gyno othetwise its normal. Take care.🤗
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