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Question: I'm 10week I hve headaches n my mouth s Drying I fell like bittery

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Answer: It happens dear due to harmonal changes in ur body have plenty of water.... Be hydrated
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Question: I'm 15 week pregnant why i feel like flu headaches
Answer: Hello In ur first trimester of pregnancy u r experiencing a surge of harmones and increase in blood this is one of the main causes. The headache can get more bad and frequent due to stress lack of sleep no blood pressure dehydration and withdrawal of caffeine. You can avoid stress and tension by getting good rest having a good posture using a hot or cold compress. Exercise well eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated. Before taking any medication consult ur doctor.
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Question: I'm 10week pregnant n my belly looks like 6months of pregnant bcoz of bloating.. What I do to reduce
Answer: bloating may occur during early pregnancy. this may be due to hormonal changes, which can slow your digestive system . you may feel constipated and blocked as a result. Constipation is common in pregnancy due to increase in progesterone .This increase causes reduction in motility of intestine. The following things need to be done for getting relief from constipation: Drink plenty of water- 3 to 4 litres atleast.(warm preferable) In your meal have more green leafy vegetables like palak(spinach),methi(fenugreek) Include more fruits in your diet like :apple,pear,banana etc which has more roughage and help in easing the passage of stool Have lemon water/ginger water. Flaxseeds/fenugreek seeds/cumin seeds can be added in the diet to see great effect! Walk daily for 20 mins to increase metabolism. These tips should ideally help you an relief you from constipation.
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Question: My daughter 's skin is drying. Which cream i should use?
Answer: Hello dear Moisturise your child's skin daily. If it also does not work then try switching from a lotion to a thicker cream or ointment.You might also want to consider moisturizing twice a day, once after bathing and once during the day.
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Question: I'm having headaches and I feel like I'm having a fever
Answer: Take paracetamol 3tims a day.
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