22 weeks pregnant mother

i m havng the cravings of yippee noodles.. cn i eat once in a while ?

If u have severe craving.. Then just have a spoon only. Pls dnt take over
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Question: Am tempt to eat Maggie or yippee noodles.. Can I.?
Answer: I will not advise you Maggi here but yes you can have pasta good brand pasta is really a good source of wheat and semolina but maggi is absolutely maida and a lot of refined additives added to enhance the taste if you are craving for spicy you can eat Magal Podi powder that comes for idli and Samba also you can eat homemade spicy mix with garlic chutney instead of Maggie .Do not over do with spicy chutney just a lick is okay.
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Question: I a 5 wk pregnant cn i eat noodles
Answer: Dear it has to eaten rarely and not frequently. Have it occasionally once in a while. As it is junk so it should be avoided as much as possible. Hope it helps.
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Question: Cn i eat noodles and pasta in pregnancy? ?
Answer: No, it's not heathy and Ur body does not digest it properly.. as pasta nd noodles are made up of maida which adhere to digestive lining of Ur intestine, and take 3 days to digest.... Leads to Gas constipation and many other health problems which is not good for your health nor to Ur baby's health.... U must take healthy breakfast like fruit salad especially iron rich like pomegranate, apple, baat root etc Soup Oat meal e.g oat kheer Cucumber any thing which is rich in fibre, mineral and healthy protein so that Ur baby development will be good healthy and smooth.... Anything u will eat will get by Ur child... Think before eating anything.... Have a healthy pregnancy and enjoy this period :)
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