16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm having sudden vomiting in my second trimester and I haven't had vomitings during my first trimester. Is this normal to have them during second trimester??

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Answer: Hi dear yes it is normal to have vomitings not to worry , some people will have through out their pregnancy
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Question: What and all to follow to have normal delivery in second trimester. I'm having pregnancy sugar
Answer: Hello dear. The first thing should be to control your sugar with medication and healthy lifestyle. Normal delivery depends on too many factor which cannot be predicted earlier. Like baby is engaged in time, cervix is dilated enough for the labor to start, amnuitic fluid level is apt as per the pregnancy. If all goes well you can have a normal delievry. Trust me it is based on my personal experience I ate healthy, was not overweight, no complications in pregnancy, absolutely healthy pregnancy I had and did all the exercises told by my gynae however my baby did mnot take the head down position and my cervix did not get dilated enough and my fluid level went extremely low. So just focus on your health and everything else leave it on god. Hope i helped.
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Question: I am having pain in my chest. Is this normal during second trimester
Answer: No...u shud consult ur gynaec. U need medicine fr this. A bit of difficult breathing z normal but extreme pain in chest needs medication. If ur problm is nt that much, thn u r normal
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Question: M in my 14 th week of pregnancy...i still have nausea and vomiting like I had in first trimester... Is this normal ...is this K if I have nausea and vomiting even in second trimester..
Answer: Of course its normal dear,I had the same probe till the end of second trimester..No need to worry about it..Drink more water..Enjoy your pregnancy..
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