24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m having period like cramping today n slight pain in right side of belly button is it serious

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Answer: You’re well past the halfway point in your pregnancy. That’s a big milestone! Celebrate by putting your feet up, because this is also a time when you and your baby are going through some major changes. Among them is the rapid growth of your uterus. You can probably feel the top of it just a couple of inches from your belly button. Chances are, you’re noticeably pregnant by now. It’s likely that you're experiencing some new symptoms as well.
Answer: Hii he stretching of ligaments are responsible for abdominal pain. As the baby grows and demands more space, the uterus stretches itself pushing the other organs. Because of this, the stomach pain occur. Besides this constipation, large meals, or flatulence can also lead to abdominal pain. If pain is unbearable then consult with doctor. 
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Question: Hello My 4 months pregnant N m having pain in right side of belly button so what should I do...is there something serious
Answer: I hope this pain is not very sharp and going on and off not continuous. If so then nothing to worry about. Stitching of your uterus causing stretching of ligaments that gives such pain. Take rest and drink plenty amount of liquid. No need to worry about this pain. 🙂
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Question: i having pain in my belly button...is it normal n i m having low placenta
Answer: Low-lying placenta, or placenta praevia, is a complication of pregnancy where the placenta that feeds the growing baby is attached to the lower part of the womb near to or covering the cervix. A low lying placenta, by itself, may not require any treatment. If it is early in your pregnancy, before the twentieth week, then there is a good chance that the placenta will shift into an upward position as your uterus expands. If the placenta stays at a low lying position but is not near enough to the cervix to be classified as placenta previa. However there are treatments to prevent the two most common complications of a low lying placenta: bleeding and preterm labor. To prevent these problems some women are placed on bed rest or limited activity. Especially activities that result in bouncing or jarring of the lower abdomen need to be avoided. Similarly some women need to refrain from sexual intercourse, or the use of rectal suppositories or vaginal douches/suppositories. The degree of restriction depends on whether or not the woman is experiencing any vaginal bleeding or pre-term labor.
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Question: Sometimes slight pain near belly button and right side of lower abdomen. Is it normal?
Answer: Yes it is normal .No need to worry. Try to take rest when ever you feel pain
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