26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm having lower posterior placenta. Can I do some mild exercise to reduce arm fat

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Answer: Hello dear please take complete bed rest without any body exertion . It will make palcenta be in correct positon. Mild hand exercise can be done if it's not a big strain for the body . Don't sit or stand for.long hours, don't lift weights. It can cause bleeding.due low lying placenta.
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Question: Plz suggest me some gud exercise to reduce fat
Answer: dear iss time me weight to thoda gain hota hi h is time fat reduce krne ki mat socho bas proper rest or healthy food or water in take lo
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Question: I have delivered baby through normal...when i start to do exercise to reduce belly fat and plz suggest me some exercise to do
Answer: Hllo dearur baby s born before 1 month .ur delivery s normal .dear after 40 days if u feel normal nd bleeding has stoped. Then u can start doing exercises .Increasing belly after delvry s a common problen for all womens ..so dear u should take healthy diet u r lacting mom .U should not stop food. Try these remedies it 'll helpful in weight loss .as go 4 walk daily 30min twice a day .Avoid oily spicy nd junk food. Do yoga as Alom vilom ,suryanamashkar ,tree pose ,cat pose, triangle pose .try it .Take warm water +honey +lemon .it's helpful in weight loss. Take 1 Apple per day it's also burn fat .Take plenty of water ,buttermilk ,coconut water ,lemonate .Take ginger tea ,green tea .it's also helpful try it. Take watermelon its 90 %of water .take fenugreek seeds after food .u can try bottle guard juice also .try it
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Question: What kind of exercise we can do to reduce belly fat while trying to get pregnant ?
Answer: My weight loss tips will only include hot yoga Zumba classes and Surya Namaskar to you because these are the most efficient and least joint troublesome exercises. if you go for running directly or if you go to gym you lose interest in losing your weight. so I will advise you to take it slow go for a morning walk and in evening Zumba classes this will help to shed 1kg every month. it is always advice to go slow . Take calcium and Vitamin D supplement as well you can also get your calcium profile done and if you're calcium level are within normal range then you will not need to take calcium instead you can take two glasses of milk everyday 1 in morning and one at night. since you are breastfeeding ---taking mama X protein powder or a good brand protein powder will help to reduce your weight as it will increase the protein content and will help to burn the fat. taking green tea now is beneficial you can take just browse good brands and understand that the tea bags should be non bleached and should be chemical free.
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