15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm having little brown discharge not much but having it atleast 5times in a day..gynac after Sonography said that baby is alright... But my placenta is on top of my uterus amd that's the reason for bleeding.. Doc gave medicines and adviced complete bed rest for nxt 1month or more depending on the situation... And said that anything can happen.. M really afraid will everything be fine because my brown discharge has not stopped yet

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Question: At 11 weeks I was having slight pain in the left side of the abdomen...Dr said it's due to increase of uterus...but now I never felt the pain again...it that means my uterus not growing?
Answer: Hi,During pregnancy you can get mild pain in your sides of abdomen and in your lower abdomen as well because of your growing uterus but that pain should not continue for longer period of time and it may not regular. Hope it helps.
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Question: Yesterday i had brown discharge but not a lot but today its stopped in mu usg everything is normal i go for it 2 days ago bcuz one day before i had the same problem of brown discharge doctor said everything is ok but yesterday i had this problem again but today its stopped is this normal
Answer: Hi Once check with your doctor about brown discharge..in some times its due to some infections..so oncce take suggestions by your health care provider about this.dont neglect
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Question: Hi i am in 14th week of pregnancy and my cerclarge is done. The process of putting stiches to uterus. Its been around 10 days now but my light brown discharge not yet stopped. Is this normal?
Answer: Hi, its normal sometimes brown discharge came while done cervical...take complete bed rest...better consult your doctor once
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