13 months old baby

Question: I m having itching in my clitoris and labia majora area what to do any home remedy

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Answer: Hello dear... Mild itching is common in pregnancy,it happen due to blood supply to body,but if you have severe itching it may due to obestic cholestatis,in this condition medical attention is needed immediately, can try these remedies it may help you.. Apply moisturizer If you have itching,it is better to have bath twice day,and apply moisturizer or baby lotion is advisable Reduce the intake of salt If you have salt content in your body,it may also cause itching,so reduce intake of salt Wear loose clothes During pregnancy , don't wear heavy or tight clothes,it may also trigger itching,so it is better to opt for skin friendly fabric like cotton, chiffon. Drink more water Staying yourself hydrated,will help you to flush out toxins,so that it may help to reduce itching Coconut oil You can apply coconut oil before bath,and leave it for twenty minutes,and then wash,best remedy for itching Homemade bath powder To avoid itching,better to opt for herbal bath powder than chemical based soaps,will reduce itching
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Question: I am 6 week pregnant and having itching in my vaginal/labia area..is it normal
Answer: Hello dear... Vaginal itching can happen due to yeast or bacterial infection to the skin of vulva, it is normal, home remedies for vaginal itching as follows... Drink more water Reduce salt content in food Add yogurt in your diet Apply coconut oil Always keep your vagina clean and dry
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Question: causes of itching in between labia majora and minora and anus
Answer: Mostly due to urine infection.. Keep the area clean.. Use panty liner if possible. Increase your fluid intake. Consult your doctor for medication
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Question: itching problems in between labia majora and minora and anus
Answer: labia itching is one of the sign of urine infection drink lots of water and take vitamin C fruits like orange. dont use soap and all.
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