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Question: I m having intestine bowel syndrome having back pain and stomach pain what should i do....having some nausea feeling and vomiting

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Question: From morning I m feeling pain in my stomach.. some time it's too much some time it's some light.....
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood Dear in 9 months i akso face same belly pain i afraid nd consult to dr she said It's normal. As when baby grow uterus akso grow its puts pressure on muscles thats why mild abdominal pain s common so don't worry Taje rest ,avoud carry heavy things nd advised 4 plenty of fluids too. U can try it akso its hekpful nd give warm compres to ur belly too try it dear
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Question: I am in 8months pregnant i have lot of pain in my hand fingers and leg fingers and back pain....suggest me what i should do?
Answer: Hi,pain in finger tips in both hands and legs is due to edema and its one of common symptom every women experience during pregnancy so be hydrated yourself and back pain can be relieved by some relaxation methods like hot packs change ur position repetedly do not stand or sit for long time and don't perform any weight lifting if ur having severe back pain consult ur doctor
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Question: I am feeling tiredness and lazyness in my body.. vomiting too.. what to do??
Answer: Dear you should take proper rest and 8 hours good sleep. Eat healthy food and keep yourself hydrated. All this problem will goes away within few days. What foods that trigger vomiting. Don't worry.
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