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Question: I'm having green stools. I'm 5 months pregnant. Is that normal?

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Question: Hello mam my baby is 5 months old. she is having green stools from last 2-3 days. pl guide.
Answer: Hi, If it's green poop.. then it can b two reasons. Either she is teething or may b she is suffering from stomach infection.. if it is stomach infection then she may even face loose motions.. if she is not facing any loose motions then another reason may b that may u u have taken some green veggies.. n she is feeding it milk then even this may b reason for green poop.. if she is facing severe loose motions then consult doctor immediately
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Question: I'm 4 months pregnant and having black stools in the morning is it harmful m worried
Answer: Black stool may be because of the iron tablet you are taking dear. Check for few more days sometime once your body adjusted with the iron tablet it will become normal. If you continue to see black stool for long time better consult with your gynec. Take care don’t panic okie.
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Question: My baby is having green stools
Answer: Hi dear, It should be foremilk and hindmilk imbalance. If it was a case of diarrhea, then your baby would be generally very uncomfortable and the frequency of passing the stool would be very high. Sometimes it is accompanied with fever If there are no such symtoms, then it is just the case of imbalance. For this, you need to feed one side at a time .. Till your breasts are empty so that both foremilk and hindmilk reaches your baby. Also make sure you are using correct proportion of milk powder and water while making formula milk. And also if you are taking iron supplement so it can also be a reason.
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