8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm having continuous lower abdominal pain from past 3 days and also with spotting in first 2 days and started with bleeding with clots now. Please let me know whether this is symptoms for miscarriage or pregnancy success is possible.

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Answer: Hi, please consult your Dr immediately.it can be miscarriage.
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    Saran Saran791 days ago

    Sure,Thank you

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Question: Hi im 7th week preggo, from past 3days I'm having brown spotting and sometimes abdominal pain , is it harmful? As I'm first preggo
Answer: Hi! I hv alrdy answered your query but missee the abdominal pain to discuss usually abdominal paim or cramps r common in early days of pregnancy which is due to expantion of uterus but this along with spotting is not common, pls get it checked.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Urinating with blood clots and lower abdomen light pain is it symptoms of miscarriage?
Answer: Dear if it is urination with blood it could Urinary tract infection but if its vaginal discharge which is having clots it could be related to pregnancy and should be reported immediately to the gynae. Please visit your doctor without any delay. Hope it helps.
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Question: Still I have bleeding and clots from Saturday,is it symptoms of miscarriage
Answer: If this was your periods then it is not necessary a miscarriage. Even I have had such kind of breathing during periods
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