6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii, i m having a watery &slide white discharge and left side lower abdominal area pelvic area pain ful???

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Answer: Hello! White discharge is common in pregnancy. There is nothing to worry. Even mild pain is common. It happens due to the expanding uterus which leads to stretching of the muscles and ligaments. Try to drink plenty of water Have some exercise Sleep on the sides. Take care
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Question: Hii i m having a white dicharge n having pain in my left side of lower abdominal area..is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear It is very normal to have a clear and runny, whitish or slightly yellowish vaginal discharge during pregnancy. The cervix receives an increase in blood supply and hormone levels also keep changing. More mucous is secreted which results in increased vaginal discharge. The discharge is non-smelly in normal conditions. However, if you experience foul smell, bloody or greenish discharge, or itching or a burning sensation, you should immediately consult your doctor, as it could be related to infection. Some abdominal aches and pains during pregnancy are quite common and generally pose no threat to you and your baby. Abdominal pain is mainly caused by: 1. Gas and bloating 2. Constipation is 3. Round ligament pain Try following tips to get relief from pain: 1. Sit down, put your feet up, and relax 2 .A hot water bottle or heating pad might help. 3. Drink lots of liquids to stay hydrated. 4. When you do feel a pain, bend towards the pain to relieve it.
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Question: I m having lower left Abdominal pain
Answer: Hi dear, Too much pain in initial stages could be due to uterus expansion.i donot think there is anything to worry about.since the whole hormonal surge is new to your body,and it takes time to get used to it.your uterus keep expanding as your pregnancy progresses,also pushing the neighboring organs and pressing the adjacent nerves etc,meanwhile your pelvic bones starts relaxing more,loosening your joints too.this whole process gives such pain.and each body experiences in a different way.i never had such pains though,but many pregnant ladies suffer with such harmless pain.but if the pain is severe and you feel something is not right,please donot hesitate to check with your doctor.....
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Question: I am having pain in my lower abdomen (pelvic area) left side mostly and pain in legs, Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear I don't worry these are common during first trimester of pregnancy this is due to the hormonal changes and also the uterus growth so you don't need to worry about their don't do heavy work or don't lift heavy objects take enough rest and sleep more healthy and nutritious food add more vegetables and Green Leaves in your diet that helps to be healthy and strong
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