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Question: I'm having a son 5year old... N till now I was using copper t... Now my last period was on 10 Jan 2019 n I removed copper t on 8 Feb n still my period not came.... M confused dt can I concieve so early after removal... Or it is just an effect of copper t removing plz suggest me...

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Answer: My period was on 10 Feb but still I didn't feel like my period will come...... Today it's 20feb 10 days later now...
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Question: Hi...i have been removed. Copper T on 19 december 2018.after one month on 20 jan 2019 my period started upto seven days 27 jan 2019.but again blood started on 5th feb 2019 but in very little amount. What is the problem???
Answer: Hi dear as u have already gone through a complete 7 days period so there eMust be a less chances of bleeding again. If u have a little bit of spotting then it's fine but If it is high in qty then do consult doctor immediately
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Question: My last period date was 25th jan 2019 but my husband came back from abroad on 8th of February. My pregnancy got confirmed on 27th feb 2019. How many weeks could i be pregnant?
Answer: Hi dear u r ur 6th week and in jr 2nd month pregnancy.
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Question: My last period was started at 26 jan to 1 feb but in feb I didn't get my period till now ?
Answer: Hi dear now u should check ur pregnancy with Morning urine to check if u r pregnant or not.
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Question: Last period was on 24 feb 2019...Now I am in which month of pregnency
Answer: U r 6 weeks pregnant or u can say in ur 2 month .
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