12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm having a lot of omit problem?

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Answer: During first trimester, vomit is common. After that this vomit will stop. You can take medicines prescribed by your doctor. Drint plenty of water and take fruits in breakfast that will help you in reducing vomit problem.
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Question: A lot of tummy itching sweating m specially b line also itches a lot n I'm having a pelvic pain
Answer: Hello dear Itching is the common symptom during pregnancy, that too in last trimester. First thing is do not use any kind of cosmetics right now as it is not considered as safe during pregnancy, and as you are already suffering from eczema.. it will worsen your condition. Apply coconut oil all over your body or wherever the itching is severe. Olive oil doens't suit for everyone , if you want you can give a try in any area and test it, but personally I don't recommend olive oil for everyone. Coconut oil is the best medicine for eczema and it soothes your itching, you can apply it as soon as it is absorbed in your body or jus twice a day. Rose oil also works wonders for eczema, but you can do it at home. Jus add a hand full of rose petals into a cup of coconut oil and heat it in low flame till the petals are burnt or turn brownish. Cool it and use it all over. It's good for hair too. Smoothes the skin more than coconut oil. Rose water also works well for eczema, take a cotton ball, dip in rose water and pat it on any area and test it. If it suits you can continue. Rose water prevents itching even after waxing or shaving (underarms or bikini area). Drink lots of water to make your skin hydrated and always keep your skin moist to prevent excessive itching. This is normal don't worry.. Go for walking in the fresh air morning and evening for 30-45 minutes and proper rest is important
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Question: I'm having a lot of gas problem which is causing pain . Please tell me how to reduce it
Answer: Hi dear, Heart burn is due to too much acidity during pregnancy,is a common concern.as the hormones slows down the digestion process.there are following things that you can do to ease acidity: 1- eat smaller meals 2- donot drink water in between the food 3- drink one glass of water 30 minutes prior to food,this aids in digestion 4- donot eat too spicy food 5-keep brisk walking and mild exercises 6-avoid caffine and soda 7-drink buttermilk with roasted jeera powder and grated ginger Älso refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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Question: Hi I'm getting wheezing problem a lot
Answer: The most common signs and symptoms of asthma are wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness. A persistent cough that usually occurs at night or early in the morning (when you don't have a cold) can also be a sign of asthma. Asthma affects 4 to 8 out of 100 pregnantwomen (4 to 8 percent). If you keep your asthma under control, it probably won't cause any problems during your pregnancy. If you don't control your asthma, you may be at risk for a serious health problem called preeclampsia.
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