1 months old baby

Question: I m having 2 babies elder one is of nearly 2 years old n younger one is of 20 days. My elder son also feed. Is there any problem mean my younger son is hungry or not. Also give suggestion to increase bm as I can feed both of them

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Answer: Hi Kudos to you mumma, so inspiring. Now comming to your question, Breastmilk work on demand and supply, more the baby suck more milk will be produced. These home remedies help in milk production 1) Drink water at least 10-15 glass 2) Include jeera in your diet 3) Drink jeera water 4) eat daliya (porridge) 5) Drink milk 2 glass milk 6) lactonic granules (add 2 spoon in milk) 7) power pumping ( this will send signals to your body to produce more) 8) Feed every 2 hours 9) Include garlic in your diet Most important, since you are breastfeeding please continue to have your iron calcium supplements on time, have good nutritional diet and keep yourself well hydrated. Good luck
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Question: Hi mam my son is prematuer naby i use pambers for my son day and ny8 ,rash cream also i used ,is there any problem some of them says boy baby ku athigama use pana kudathunu pls give some suggestion
Answer: Hello U can use it once in a while but using it daily is nt wise ....there are many eco friendly diapers like cloth diapers u can wash nd also reuse it value for money....at home u can use cloth undies for baby...
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Question: I have 2 kids. One is 4 years old nd other is 11 months old. My elder son is more aggresive after birth of my younger son. What i will do for him? Plz suggest
Answer: Hello Being with a stubborn kid can get upsetting and frustrating. Try taking control over the situation with these tips Give the kid choices. Whn u ask them to do something and they are being stubborn ask wt they want to do instead create a win win situation. Tell them to do things in a fun way. That way they follow ur directions. Always keep it simple. Use first or then language this ll help your child understand wt can happen.Stay calm. Let them not see that their behavior upsets u. The kids sometimes do it just to see u upset. Rein force good behavior. Praise them when they do some thing good reinforce this by saying how he or she was so good so they kno good behavior is appreciated.
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Question: My elder one who is 5 years got cold n fever will my younger one also get she is just one month old. What precautions I should take to avoid.
Answer: hi give baby steam saline nasal spray and apply vicks on chest and back cold reduces cover baby well especially ears and foot so cold reduces fast give a decoction of ginger pepper turmeric and basil thrice a day cold goes away do not allow your son near your daughter also when you are with your son change cloths before going to daughter cold can be avoided to certain extent if your son gets fever contact doctor
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