Few weeks old baby

Question: I'm giving ragi in Brkfast to my 10 month baby and he never get running nose but this tum yesterday I feed him ragi porridge nd today frm morning his getting running nose what to do guys pls tell me suggestions home remedies??

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Answer: Giv steam twice a day. Give sheka on chest of baby of ajwain. If its more u take baby to doctor.
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Question: My baby had running nose for a week and now she has got fever. she is on breast feed and i m giving Ragi porridge once in a day. i m giving dolo drops night and day. any home remedies to reduce the fever? please
Answer: Breast feed her well and also give few drops of warm water at regular intervals so that she urinates more which helps to bring down the temperature. Also, keep changing her clothes. Dont keep fully covered with thick blanket or comforter always, it would make her warmer. Light summer clothes are fine. If you are giving dolo drops, give her every 4-6 hours, if fever persists. Steam inhalation helps too as it would reduce congestion and phlegm inside the nose. Heat the water until you have vapours, make the baby sit/lie on your lap, you side facing the pot with water, push the steam escaping out of the hot water to your baby. dont make her face the steam as adults do, this pushing of vapours to her is more than enough. Would relieve her of nose of phlegm inside.
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Question: I had adopted the baby of 8months ND he had a congestion in chest ND khasi. I showed him to doctor 5 days back but their is no improvement. No running nose but his stomach is constipate. What should I do to relieve his constipation through home remedies ND relieves him from congestion as doctor antibiotic medicine I don't feel good for him
Answer: Sorry dear but why did you mention adopted child Now that child is yours.. What the purpose of mentioning this... Give munaqqa to your baby...take10-15 munaqqa wash it with drinking water Take out the seeds.. Then soak in few drops of water for some time10-15 mins.. Then mash it with your clean hands or grind it in mixer... I personally go for mashed one
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Question: Dr my baby is suffering from cold nd his nose is also block from few days I'm giving medicine's to him still his nose is block
Answer: Use saline nasal spray Can use garlic ajwain clove potli
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