39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m getting heavy contractions since 2days in lower abdomen but no back pain is this sign of labour should I go to hospital plz rep

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Answer: Yes consult your doc asap
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Question: I m getting contractions since 2days but no back pain neither any discharge from vagina is this sign of labour is near shud i go to hospital
Answer: Hello, if you are getting contractions continuously and if the pain is getting more every 2min or so then you should definitely meet a doctor this could be labour sign. sometimes it could be Braxton Hicks contractions as well which is the false labour sign please check this out and then meet the doctor.
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Question: M hvng frequent mild contractions with lower back pain. M 39weeks pregnant today. Is it a sign of labour?
Answer: S of course..it might be a sign that labour s going to hit any Time soon...don't get tensed..be calm pack ur bags..get some nice shower..have your favorite meal...and get ready to admit in d hospital.. congrats I'm advance for ur munchkin 😍
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Question: From morning am getting pain in my lower abdomen nd lower back in 10 10mins is this sign of labour
Answer: Yes dear . My doctor said if the pain is coming within 10 mins and frequent then to visit hospital . Its a sign of labor . Best luck dear your dear one is coming soon. God bless 👍
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