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Question: I'm getting dehydrated unable to drink water bcz it's so bitter how to overcome this?

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Answer: Hi.. Dear if you are not able to drink water, have juices or add any of your favourite flavour in water, may be you like it.
    Answer: Take fruit juices, u can prepare ORS n hav it
    Answer: Use juices, milkshakes, coconut water
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    Question: I am unable to drink water due to the bitter taste of my mouth what is the alternative??
    Answer: Ways to get rid of bitter taste  1. Eat or drink citrus fruit or juice More often than not, the metallic taste goes away if you consume acids, like citrus. 2. Use a saltwater rinse A teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of water creates a saltwater solution for you to swoosh around your mouth, neutralizing pH levels and getting rid of that awful taste. 3. Change your prenatal vitamin Not all prenatal vitamins are created equal, and some lead to metal mouth more than others. Talk to your doctor about switching if you just can’t tolerate the taste in your mouth. 4. Eat pickles Pickles, like citrus, also have a high acidity because of the vinegar they’re marinated in. I wonder if metal mouth is where the craving for pickles so often comes from? Hmmmm. 5. Brush your tongue Brushing your tongue when you’re brushing your teeth could also neutralize the pH levels in your mouth, leaving you without the icky metallic flavor.
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    Question: Im unable to drink water it is more tasteless and more bitter... What can i drink instant of water plzzz advice me
    Answer: Dear plain water is also important so please dont add anything sugar or mix because there is always a risk of sugar during pregnancy and extra sugars can increase the chances. So drink plain water and you can drink fresh coconut water or juice in between but drink plain water..
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    Question: I'm in 8th week, now vomiting happened..even I'm unable to drink water, kindly help me
    Answer: Visit doctor for check up she will prescribe some safe medicines and supports
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    Question: I am getting cold so please give me suggestion how to overcome this cold
    Answer: Please avoid taking lot of medicines. You can take crocin if problem increases. The best way is to drink hot water, avoid drinking milk as it is, drink it with little bit of turmeric or boiling it with ginger and tea leaves. You can also add little bit of gud in your diet with food. It will surely help. I was suffering with severe cold 4 days back. Now i m fine. Precautions are best. Take care.
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