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Question: I m getting brownish discharge from vagina and very slight discharge , 5 days before my exact period date and I am trying pregnancies

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Answer: dear right now it is difficult to say because brown discharge can be implantation and also it can be early periods where the previous months remaining blood comes it is always brown in colour.
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    Okay can check pregnancy test

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Question: I m getting slight pink discharge from vagina... what should i do...?
Answer: Hello dear😃's your pregnancy treating spotting is actually a common thing in its friend had it and she was given some hormonal pill to insert in vagina..she was fine after that.pleasecheck with your doctor too.hope it helps for you too.dnt worry though....
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Question: Hi. I m getting slight brownish discharge from vagina in minimal quantity. Is it normal?
Answer: Little bit is ok..but if you notice more discharge , don't neglect and consult the doctor immediately
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Question: I had a brownish exact from vagina my last menstrual date s dec2
Answer: Pls check for pregnancy test. Discharge could be due to implantation
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