6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm fifth week pregnant, can I have eggs in my diet. If yes then how many

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Answer: Hi dear You can have one a day. It's rich in proteins and thus helps.
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Question: Can we loose our tummy fat after c section if yes then how? as my baby is 1 month old..
Answer: You are a new mother dear ..Dont focus too much on weight loss or tummy loss as of now. Just have healthy diet ,You can have ajwain water.You can go for it after 6 months.
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Question: Do we experience pain in Lowe abdomen while implantation? If yes for how many days it can last?
Answer: Getting abdominal pain is very normal to having pregnancy so don't worry just take proper rest you will feel better
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Question: I m 29 weeks pregnant can i ware bra. If then yes then which bra good for me bcz my nipple are lick.
Answer: U should wear bra in pregnancy otherwise ur breast will become saggy and their shape can also change. Invest in a properly fitted bra that provides breast support and coverage
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