10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m Feeling very weak...n sleepy all the time ...wt i do

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Answer: Hie During pregnancy you may sleep more than usual as your body feels tierd as it works to nourish and protect the developing baby Your body is making 50% more blood and your heart is pumping 25% faster With the changing hormones level , increase in progesterone during pregnancy excessive sleeping is your body's natural way to cope with all the changes just don't let it affect your meal timings It won't affect your baby at all
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. One of the reasons for fatigue and sleep problems during pregnancy are changing hormone levels. For example, rising progesterone levels may partly explain excessive daytime sleepiness, especially in the first trimester. It would settle down gradually. Take care.
Answer: Dear its common during pregnancy. . U can busy urself with informative books n sites. . Do yoga n meditation. . . These symptoms are due to hormonal changes. . Nothing to worry about
Answer: That is because of pregnancy
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Question: I m feeling sleepy all the time?
Answer: It is normal in pregnancy because of lotsof hormonal changes, and improper rest and improper sleep in night, do some yoga, swimming, it provides blood supply all over body taht will give you better feeling, have lots of water, have jucy fruits, take vitamin C supplement fruits, and in small quantity food in each time. Stay in cool place, wear cotton losefit dress, sleep in left lateral. Do take less caffine. Take bath for 2times.
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Question: Feeling very sleepy all the time..
Answer: Hello dear One of the reasons for fatigue and sleep problems during pregnancy are changing hormone levels. It's normal to feel tired as your body works to protect and nurture the developing baby, The placenta is just forming, your body is making more blood, and your heart is pumping faster because of which u feel tired and feeling sleepy
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Question: Now a days m always feeling very sleepy i sleep a lot is that all fine feeling tired n sleepy all the time
Answer: Don't worry dear it's totally normal even I'm also suffering for this problem in my 9th and 10th week
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Question: I m feeling very sleepy all the timrst
Answer: Hi dear. Its normal during pregnancy. Take good amount of sleep. But also be active. Go for walks, and do simple exercises. Eat healthy and eat in smaller amounts frequently. Drink more fluids. Drink tender coconut. The electrolytes in it helps you regain energy
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