31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm feeling very tired n legs are paining , I do all household work n go for walk on alternative days .. is this ok ?

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Answer: Working and walking are fine. While working dont bend in front, dont lift weight, if u do, keep it close to body, up n high. Take a nap in daytime to refresh. Walk daily, 30min twice. Rest when ur body demands. Work in small intervals. Don't keep standing or sitting in same for long. While standing in one pose, u can keep one leg on small stool to divide the weight. While sitting, rest and stretch ur legs straight ,ur thighs, knees and ankles should be in straight line, with back rested. Massage ur feet and legs with warm oil in upward direction daily as many times as u can. All this will also prevent varicose veins, swelling of legs. Exercise too. While sitting with stretch legs, rotate ur feet 8-10 times in both directions. These will surely be relieving.
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Question: my hands n legs are paining. .is it ok to do household wrk in 7month
Answer: Hii such pain happens due to hormonal changes as well due to increased blood flow in ur body. Don't worry. U can take a hot bath or get a light massage with mustard oil it will get relive. U can continue ur regular household work without any issue. Do take care of ur meal. Eat More of iron rich food like broccoli, as sometime due to lack in iron pain occurs. Get ur HB checked in ur next doctor visit. All the best .
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Question: I am feeling tired legs are paining in 8th month
Answer: It's bcz Ur gaining weight and the pressure is on Ur legs,get adequate rest, bcz Ur in the last trimester and at this time u need plenty of sleep and rest which would make ur baby healthy
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Question: legs are feeling very tired & uncomfortable . when I am wake up my legs feel very tired & difficult to stand and walk easily. what is the reason for week legs during this time
Answer: it happens due to low calcium, heavy body and big bump. soak your legs in warm salty water and have leg massage regularly.
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