26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hlo i m feeling uneasy in my moments ..n get tired quickly ..can i do something

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Answer: Hello dear, It is perfectly normal and there is really nothing you can do other than rest every chance you get.  If you are working take a little nap during your breaks.  It will pass in time.  Hang in there. Your physical changes this week. It's still too early to see or feel your expanding uterus through your abdominal wall. You may feel occasional crampsand lower abdominal pains also.  A  few causes of tiredness I've found were, low blood sugar, dehydration, and (early on) your body adjusting to the new blood volume. So try eating a piece of fruit or drinking more watter.  If you are feeling a lot weakness plz visit ur doctor before taking any medication.and try to engage urself with another activities. Take care urself....
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Question: Hey its my first pregnancy n now m feeling certain type of sensations in my lower arms n hands n feel much tired without doing anything like m mostly on bed .. N i get tired if i do a lil of chore .. My last hb was 11.5. Suggest me something so i can get over this ..
Answer: Hii dear ur HB level is fine . U should get ur thyroid checked as it sometimes happens due to it or may be u have fluctuating bp. Btw DeSe are common during pregnancy especially last trimester as bow ur baby weight has increased and it is giving more of pressure to je lower part. I should have small small meal in-between and often take rest. Also sensation happens due to harmonal changes and fast blood flow but u should get a check up done for bp and thyroid. All the best.
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Question: I get tired quickly
Answer: It’s completely normal to feel tired, especially in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. That's when huge changes take place in virtually every system in your body, making you feel extremely tired. Throughout pregnancy your body works hard. But the biggest effort comes in the 1st trimester. That's when your baby's major organs are formed, and the placenta, your baby’s life-support system, starts growing. Your hormone levels and metabolism are rapidly changing, while your blood sugar and BPlevels tend to drop.Tiredness and low energy levels can sometimes mean that you're too low in iron , which is fairly common in pregnancy.Being tired and run-down can also make you feel a bit low. Occasionally, being exhausted and having trouble sleeping can be sometimes mean depression It’s different for every mum-to-be, but you’re most likely to feel very tired in your first trimester and your 3rd trimester.  In your first trimester, fatigue is often one of the symptoms of pregnancy sickness, along with nausea, loss of appetite and sometimes vomiting.  If feeling and being sick are disturbing your sleep then you’ll feel even more tired and irritable. Try to get as much rest as you can, because fatigue can make nausea and vomiting much worse. It will help if you listen to your body signals to rest, eat a healthy diet, some exercise and try to get into a schedule.
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Question: I get too tired quickly
Answer: Hi,it is due to hormonal changes.it is very commonly seen in pregnant women.You should have a healthy diet.Eat something every two hours.Make sure you have at least 2 glasses of milk and have more of milk products.Have protein rich food as proteins are very imp duringthis period.Eat something immediately when you wake up,this is the best way to start your day,it will also help you feel energetic.Get your iron levels checked because sometimes if you are anemic ,you may feel low and tired.Take good rest.You should feel better.
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