34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm feeling pain in my belly. My belly is tight and it feels like baby is pushing/kicking upwards in different directions, mostly right side and centre. I drank some glucose water. Can coconut water ease my discomfort?

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Question: My baby back of the head having some blisters like something is feeling while palpation
Answer: Most of the time they are harmless and painless and does not require any kind of a treatment X but still it is important for you to show this to your doctor whenever you will visit him next time
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Question: Is it ok if I m.getting leg pain and some time little pain in my bottom of abdomen....
Answer: Yea such pains are fine..omeasedrink lot of water as leg pain mostly happens due to dehydration..it is absolutely normal..your round ligaments that are holding the uterus starts to stretch..and this often gives such sharp or strechy pain while moving around..I have faced it too..dnt worry it is quite normal too..take your movements slowly to avoid such uncomfortable pain..
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Question: Hi I'm 9th week pregnant, afternoon times if I sleep n wakeup I'm not feeling comfortable in my body and feeling like feverish in the body and my stomach ll be uncomfortable and vomiting sensation. Can any one please suggest on this why I'm feeling like this
Answer: These are very normal pregnancy symptoms it happens in the first trimester and is supposed to reduce in the second trimester it all happens due to hormonal changes in the body
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