39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm feeling my baby's movements, but my stomach feel very tight from yesterday night.... What it means? Pls ansr me

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Question: From two days i feel my stomach is tight. What it means.
Answer: hello dear stomach tightness is due to gastric problem or in digestion as you are 37 weeks now make sure you get baby's movement regularly you can take warm water boiled with few fennel seeds cumin seeds 2elachi and few pepper this helps in curing gas trouble walk for 30 minutes after taking this. This will cure stiffness. even after taking this herbal tea if you feel the stiffness and very less in babies movement please consult your gynecologist
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Question: In night time my stomach is very tight and I'm absorbed movements
Answer: Mostly the baby is active during night. And sometimes it can be hell active. And even you feel your stomach tight due to her movements and change in position.
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Question: From evening in words my stomach was feeling very tight. And I didn't feel baby movements any suggestion for me
Answer: Drink sweet milk and sleep on left side u may feel movements.. If u don't feel movements for 24 hrs consult ur gynaec
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