37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sumtymz i m feeling mild period like pain..what does it mean?.??

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Answer: Dear as you are in your 37 week of pregnancy then the pain can be sign of labour pain so dont worry just take rest but if the pain increases the go to your doctor immediately...
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Question: I had crams like period what does it mean??labour is near
Answer: Hello There are some sure signs of identifying that ur labour is close. Ur mood swings u may experience high anxiety crying for no reason or being impatient. Cramps this could be like ur mensural cramps this is one of the sign it labour is close. This is a different more intense back pain accompanied by cramps. There is a bloody show. The mucous plug that seals ur cervix is off with blood or brown discharge. Having loose motion or diareah it's nature's way of clearing anything that come in the way. Water breaking happens whn ur ameotic fluid gushes out. U have to rush to the hospital. Regural contractions that are abt half an hour apart tell u that ur contractions are closing in.
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Question: I am experiencing mild pain on right side of upper abdomen, what does it mean ?
Answer: Hello! It is absolutely normal during pregnancy. It typically occurs when the uterus expands, causing the ligaments and muscles that support it to stretch. It may be more noticeable when you sneeze, cough, or change positions Try to sit, lie down or change positions. Soak in a warm bath. Try doing relaxation exercises. Place a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel on the ache. Make sure you get plenty of fluids.
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Question: I m spotting like irregular periods what does it mean
Answer: Hello! Spotting also could mean that you are pregnant. Generally due to implantation of the embryo, spotting occurs in pregnancy. But if you are pregnant or not, to know this please take a pregnancy test 7 days after missing your periods.
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