12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i m feeling lonely..

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Answer: Don't stress yourself thinking like that....try to divert your mind by doing your favourite things
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    gowthami enkollu28479 days ago

    Just inform your husband that u are feeling lonely....so that he knows ur feelings and care for you....even iam alone at home...but I feel happy when he is back to home after work....we need to just express what we feel to them....

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Question: I m feeling very lonely in 6 week pregnancy. What should I do
Answer:  First of all talk to your husband. If e is not able to give you time due to his professionsl commitments. If you are living alone then youvshould go out meet friend spend time with them Generate a hobby that you have wished to do from a long time. Engage yourself in different activities. Join any club in your society or nearby areas. do light exercise , go out for meditation. Come up with a plan to make yourself happy, so you do not have to depend on other people to create your happiness, even your husband. love yourself. Go out for shopping or lunch or dinner date
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Question: Feeling lonely am 8th month pregnant
Answer: Hello dear. If you are feeling depressed then please visit your mother as that usually works. It is normal in pregnancy at this stage to feel that way. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am feeling very lonely..i am very depressed.. don't know what to do
Answer: Hello depression is real and is very severe. Our bodies are over loaded with hormones and aft the birth it falls dis is one of the causes. Women go thru alot the pain during the delivery. No sleep dehydration aft the delivery and the pain of stiches normal or c section all dis gives women depression. 1 in 8 women suffer from dis. What u feel. You feel sad despair. Your unable to care for u or ur baby cry Ing alot unable to concentrated or bond with the baby. Sleeping too much.The best way to deal with dis is counselling. Things u can do to make dis better exercise daily include things u love to do in your daily routine. Make small goal for urself and try to keep up with it. Relaxe yourself. Surround yourself with good people. Hope I helped
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Question: i am feeling lonely i get angry fast can my baby be affected
Answer: Hai dear dont worry.. Pregneny time many hormon changes which occur during pregncy moode changes. So think positive, listen music, waching good cenemas,..
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