21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i m feeling bubble type in my lower abdomen is it movement or kick of baby

2 Answers
Answer: It could be movement it could be due to gas. Its very hard to tell. Focus more and observe the feeling closely. If it continues and happen at several intervals then definitely it's your baby’s movement. Congratulations! !!!
Answer: It is baby movement
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Question: I m feeling a blink like movement in my right side of lower abdomen. I m almost 14 weeks. Is it possible to feel baby movement so early?
Answer: Yes dear, 14 weeks is a starting time to feel movement, you can feel strong movement after 20 weeks.
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Question: Iam 5 mnths preg.... My 6th mnth is about to start... Iam feeling bubble type feeling in my lower abdomen smtimes... Is it normal
Answer: Yes it is. Baby movements known as fluttering.
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Question: My baby always kick in lower abdomen is it normal?
Answer: Hi sis. It's normal for the baby to be on one side - the embryo implants on one side (either right, left, down or up) and that's where the baby is. A better way to encourage your baby to move is to go lie down for a while.
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