39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m facing now too much mouth infection and now m cmpleted 9 mnths of pregnancy....so what to do for mouth infection....plz suggest me...

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Answer: Mouth infection happen if you dont have a healthy tummy and having constipation. So firstly eat fiber rich diet and drink lots of fluid. Add curd , buttermilk, lemon water in your diet. Apply desi ghee or make a mixture of honey and turmeric and apply that in mouth that will give you relief..
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Answer: Hi Please report this to your doctor immediately. It could be a sign of cholestasis.Your doctor will ask you get a few blood tests done like liver function test,and serum bile acid test. If cholestasis is confirmed please start treatment appropriately as per your doctors avise to avoid serious complications to the baby like jaundice, high bilirubin levels, etc
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Answer: Have banana...its common in pregnancy..take plenty of water to be hydrated urself
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Answer: It's common. If you consult doctor, they may give you any tablet. Try this
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