23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm entering to 3rd trimester in this mnth any Scanning is recommended pls help me I don't know any thing because this is my first pregnancy

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Answer: hello. yes level-2 it will help to check ur baby's organ kindly consult with ur dr. asap.
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Question: Is it safe to take progesterone during first trimester of pregnancy.. My doctor has recommended this.. Please let me know, if it has any side effects
Answer: Hi! Progesterone is given to sustain a Pregnancy in case the doctor feels that there may be a threat to the embryo. Progesterone is vital for the viability of pregnancy during the first trimester after which the placenta takes over to maintain the pregnancy. Please consult your Doctor & ask the reason behind your prescription. Progesterone oral pill or vaginal suppositories are most often prescribed to maintain a pregnancy if you have a past history of miscarriages or bleeding. The side effects may include fatigue, drowsiness, acne, breast enlargement etc. Good luck!
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Question: Pls tell me which injection required in 2nd trimester as I'm entering my 2nd trimester frm tmrw..
Answer: If Tt injection is not taken during 3rd month than at around 5th month you need to take a tetanus injection As also hepatitis B vaccine is to be taken during 2nd trimester.
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Question: In the starting of first trimester my breast is large in size..while entering into second trimister the size becomes small..is there any probler..pls tell me..
Answer: Every human body is different as long as you healthy and fit nothing to worry about
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