20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m during my 5th month ending and today i have black spot can anybudy tell me everything is olright

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Answer: I hope you are not taking any kind of physical stress and your Placenta position is also normal then don't worry but be careful and keep monitoring. In case you experience this a for more than 3-4 days inform your doctor. Take complete rest.
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Question: Hy today I have seen some blood spot while m getting fresh? Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear if you have experienced light pink or brown discharge then this is absolutely okay this is called implantation bleeding when baby attach to the uterus this old blood comes out
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Question: Hi plz any one tell today is my 28th day i have PCOS and cysts I have light brown bleeding now what is happening??
Answer: Pcod means cysts in ur ovary.. aap doctor se consult karo .. doctor apko medcn wager denge ap aramse concive kar paoge.. oky dear or dont tense.. be happy or eat healthy food.
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Question: I sm 3 months old pregnant... Suddenly i noticed my poop is black... Can you tell me the reason
Answer: If you are taking any iron tablets then it is because of tablets. Otherwise consult your doctor
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