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Question: I'm drinking tea everyday.. so is it harmful for my baby? My mother in law told me that because of tea my baby's skin become darker.. is that true or not?

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Answer: Hi dear Drinking tea is not at all harm for baby or it ll make babies skin darker...baby is safe inside the sac bag and only your nutrients goes via placenta.. Actually taking tea during pregnancy hepls to rid of insomnia and keeps you fresh..tea is a natural antioxident..you can also add a pinch of ginger and mint leaves along with tea to improve your digestions as there ll be some digestive issue in later pregnancy stages...
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    Mrs Baig NA601 days ago

    Thanks dear

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Question: Is it true that drinking tea can be the reason of dark skin color of baby
Answer: Hello No dear it is jus old grand mom tale. Tea coffee do not effect colour of yur baby. But caffeine in tea n coffee is not good during pregnancy it causes problems like Excessive caffeine consumption (defined as drinking three or more cups of coffee or tea daily during pregnancy) has been also associated with a higher incidence of miscarriage and low birth weight. Plus, as it does in adults, caffeine can increase a baby'sheart rate. Let me drill that down for you. 200 mg of caffeine a day is A okay according to doctors. The 200 mg doesn't look like this. In general, a 12-ounce cup of coffee has roughly 200 mg caffeine already. Of course, some of the leading chains pack a little more of buzz. So, order a short or a small 8-ounce cup, which weighs at 180 mg of caffeine. Not a big coffee drinker? You can have roughly 3 cups of black tea and still be within the safe range for caffeine. Studies show that women who ignore the 200 mg can have twice the risk of miscarriage. So know your limit. There are three different processes used to decaffeinate your favorite drinks
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Question: Is pacifier not safe for babies. My mother in law told me due to this baby suffer from throat infection. Is that true?
Answer: Hui if any lase happens in the hygiene of pacifier then baby can get infection..dear my personal experience is that pacifier don't do much good to baby and intact can give more of problem. So better if I don't give it to ur baby.
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Question: My mother in law gives my baby 2 to 4 spoon of tea, is it okay to give or harmful ?
Answer: It's very harmful for your baby's health please ask her to stop giving tea or any other thing to your baby . Sugar, caffine are very dangerous for babies.
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