33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m currently 32 weeks pregnant with twin..both my babies are in vertex position...approxiamately which week will be my delivery?Is it going to normal delivery or c-section?

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Answer: Hello! It is difficult to say when you will have the delivery as it is different for every one. However, chances of normal delivery is there. Hence, if there are no complications or doctor has asked to take rest, go for brisk walks and drink plenty of water. Take care
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Question: Hi, Im 31wks 5days pregnant with twin babies.. Last week i did my growth scan.. Fetal A is in breech position and B is in cephalic position.. Is normal delivery possible..? Or is there any complications in section C..? Also report shows leg growth is less than 2 weeks for both babies.. will it grow?
Answer: Hi dear, in twin pregancy growth lag is common. So, it expected that they will catch the growth. If your both babies will not be on cepalic position then doctor will not take the risk of vaginal birth. Chances of c section is more.
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Question: Normal or c section delivery which will be better and what are the things I should maintain for normal delivery
Answer: Hi.. Dear it depends, there is no comparison. However, no one can assure you till the end whether you will have a normal or a cesarean delivery from before hand. However, you can climb stairs and do squats as well, approximately 20 reps in a day. But, I can give a general advice, which is common for all expecting mothers. However, you need to take approval from your gynaecologist, before doing these exercises, because she is aware of your case.
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Question: I m 32 weeks pregnant with twins...which week will be the full term twin pregnancy for me??
Answer: Hello For every pregnancy 37 weeks is considered at the full term for the baby. Any baby born before this is considered preterm. But in case of twins due to many constrains. The doctor looking at the situation decide to bring the babies out early. Speak to your doctor abt the options available for ur delivery
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