36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m currently 36 weeks pregnant mother but my baby's gestational age is 33 weeks 6 days is it normal?

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Question: I am 32+5 days pregnant but my usg doppler is showing 33+5 days gestational age.. Why?
Answer: Hello dear, such differences are common... because gestational age on the basis of LMP date may not be entirely accurate if you don't have a 28 day cycle or have irregular periods...it also doesn't take into consideration the actual day you conceived, when sperm met egg, etc...so gestational age according to ultra sound is more accurate as it measures the baby's growth... and decides the week of pregnancy...
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Question: Hi i am 34 weeks pregnant but my baby's gestational age is 32 weeks ( acc to ultrasound). Is it fine and baby's weight is just 1.7kgs
Answer: Hi usg is more accurate as the difference is normal as if you conceived late in your periods then the report may vary bland according to week of pregnancy baby weight is fine no need to worry about it take care maintain a healthy diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated
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Question: My baby's weight in 29 weeks is 1250 ?? Is it normal for gestational age ??
Answer: Yes dear, your baby weight is perfect as per 29 weeks, and don't worry baby is growing in good way.
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