15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m carrying 14 th week of pregnancy and till now two sonography are done.. it is ok? 1st on 26th jan and 2nd on 26th Feb..

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Answer: It is ok dear. No problem. My sister used to do her sonography every two weeks and no problem was there. She delivered a healthy baby
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    huz vaz1063 days ago

    thank you mam

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Question: Its my 13 week of pregnancy, till now 1 sonography have been done on 8th week, doctor said gor 1 more sonography... is this ok.?... means doctor said total 7-8 sonography will be done till delivery
Answer: There's no problem for sonography but if there is no problem in your 2nd sonography then there is no need to have so many sonography done just have your ultrasound done now if it is ok then have your ultrasound in 7th month and the last one at 9th month starting
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Question: Doctor i have done pregnancy test on 5 th of feb and i got two line one is faint line and then i did beta hcg test which is 2.0 so m i pregnant? And my lmp is 12 jan
Answer: Hcg level is low, to get confirmation it should be more than 10. As per hcg, you are not pregnant. sometime not having period could be a reason of harmonal disbalance, due to PCOD, thyroid, stress, immediate losing or gaining weight , some sickness, diabetes or may be due to low hb. Or may be due to irregularity in ur period u may be in the verge of getting pregnant but ur hcg is not that enough to detect ur pregnancy so it is better to consult doctor to get to know the actual status. 
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Question: my last period started on 21 St Jan till 26 Jan, on 3 Rd Feb I visited Dr n she said the is no egg growth so no chance of pregnancy , i dint got any period in Feb due on 21 Feb n on 4 th of march , i found positive pregnancy test. may I know wat LL be my due date and since how many weeks I m pregnant . also , which medical tests are to be done??
Answer: Congratulations, you are 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Your last month periods date will be 21.01.2018. Your baby's estimated due date is on or around Sunday, october 28, 2018. Please consult a good doctor for further guidance. The doctor will suggest you with the required tests and scans to be done along with the medicines.
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