6 months old baby

Question: I m bf mother of 6 month child frm last 9 days I chngey type of salt in my food...my question is - Is it causes loosemotion to my child

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Answer: In my opinion no baby's tummy has now developed to digest these small changes. Can be due to putting things and hands in mouth carry infection cuz he might be in a process of teething . Feed him hydrate urself and don't worry.
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Question: Shall I add salt to my 6 months old baby food. Because he is refusing solid food. My mother in law ask me to put some salt or sugar in baby food. Is it good?
Answer: Some days not to add salt and sugar until 1 year, but my doctor said to add a pinch of salt to my baby's food when i started solid. Though i used butter, and it is salty so initially i did not add salt, and my baby used to eat it happily. Then when she started refusing, i started to add a pinch of salt also. My doctor used to say from this age babies taste buds are formed so they will not eat unless it is tasty. You can try the same, hope it will be helpful.
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Question: What type of food i would gave to my child?
Answer: You can give solid food to the baby now. Give your baby 1. Whole milk yoghurt 2. Jaggery halwa 3. Ragi 4. Fruits such as banana...Apple...pears 5. Boiled vegetables 6. Oats 7. Egg yolks Continue with breast or formula milk.
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Question: What type of food I need to give baby for increasing immunity. I didn't get proper mother milk for my child. He is 9 months old now. What kind of food I need to give for my child...
Answer: Give fruits like apple, banana. Vegetables like carrot. All you have to smash it and give. Also give oneteaspoon homemade ghee.you can give Cerelac also.suji halwa and smashed rice n rasam
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