2 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 25 and my hubby too... we got married last yr November 9th.. my menstruation is good only. but still i cant get concive. what is the reason Idont know.. can anyone help me..

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Answer: Some times it happens dear.. U may consult the gyne.. She will provide u folic acid tablet.. Tht helps in conceiving..
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    Ramya K1084 days ago

    Apart from medicine what u will prescribe for me

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Question: Its been 1year plus we get married trying to conceive but not yet. I'm having irregular period after married and the flow is very low. My period only last 2 to 3day.what should I do to get back normal period?
Answer: Hello dear If u have irregular periods then it Will be very tough to get easily pregnant. So,if u want to conceive then firstly u have to make ur periods regular which has got disturbed due to hormonal disbalances. Consult a good doctor who can help u in making ur periods regular as well as can help u in getting pregnant
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Question: Im 33 running last year may 10th 2018 got married....one yr is going to complete but still nt get pregnant....my husband age is 31,he is younger than me...is there age is the reason please rply
Answer: Hi dear. Age is the most important factor when we talk about pregnancy, younger women have more chances to get pregnant then aged women . best age to get pregnant is till 35 for women and 40 for men . moreover age is not the only factor , women with good health conceive very easily even at the age of 40 or above , that means good health also plays a very vital role in conceiving . even after that we can't under rule that younger girls conceive much faster than then more women. You are at good stage . just be positive . conceiving is also depend upon mental health of both male and female so your mental condition also play a very important role in that should try to keep your mind stress free and happy, the more happy Wednesday the more will be your chances of conceiving so stay positive and good luck
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Question: Got answer that My baby is 5 weeks but we got married in Jan 17 only. How to count. My last period is 4.Jan.2019
Answer: You are 5 weeks pregnant Your due date is 11/10/2019 242 days to go
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